The process of creating an impact on the exposure of a website in a search engine is search engine optimization. SEO is an inevitable piece of e-business. Optimizing a website helps businesses rank at the top of search engines and remain exposed to potential clients. SEO professionals use a variety of SEO tools that help them with their work. In this fiercely competitive world, the demand for SEO tools has been increasing among small businesses. Here is a list of lesser know SEO tools that are incredibly handy to run successful SEO campaigns.

  • Ad Preview Tool:

With the Ad preview tool, you can review your ads based on your chosen location, device, language and domain. This tool can also be used to check whether your selected keywords are ranking on Search Engine Result Page. It also gives you the opportunity to check out how your ads look cuddled up against your competitors.

  • Authority Labs:

Authority Labs helps you with automated, daily tracking of search rankings of a specific keyword across multiple websites. It can be used to track local search results and global results as well as gather information on keyword performance.

  • Keyword traffic estimator:

Keyword Traffic Estimator is certainly a helpful SEO tool that lets you check whether a particular keyword will be able to generate potential traffic. It helps webmasters to find out the most valuable keywords to prioritize search marketing activities for any online business.

  • Broken Link Check:

This SEO tool can be used to check the broken links of your website. All you need is to enter the URL, and the tool crawls your website and check for broken external and internal links. Broken Link Check also shows you where these stale references are located in the HTML code.

  • Link Detective:

Link Detective tool lets you analyze your own links or your competitors’ links. With this tool, you can also find high quality and contextual links used by your competitors. In order to use this tool, you should create an account with Open Site Explorer from SEOmoz.

  • BuzzStream:

BuzzStream offers a suite of tools that help you determining which authority sites you should contact, prioritize and engage with. It also offers a set of useful features that let you extract page titles, meta descriptions and meta keywords from URLs.

  • BuzzStream Discovery:

This SEO tool helps you quickly find the top influencers for any given keyword. After entering a keyword, BuzzStream Discovery will provide a list of influencers and the most relevant articles. In addition, you could also gather information of social media shares for those articles with this tool.

  • Contently:

Contently is an innovative content measurement tool that lets businesses to convey a great story through blogs. This tool helps businesses to carry out content marketing with smart strategy and technology.

  • Cognitive SEO:

Cognitive SEO has a number of tools for SEO professionals and content marketers such as backlink analysis tool, link audit tool, unnatural link detection tool, penalties tool and content tools. As a bundle, this Cognitive SEO tool is appropriate to increase your website’s traffic and monitor your site’s development.

  • Screaming frog:

Screaming Frog is a website crawler that crawls websites and finds broken links, audits redirects, analyzes page titles and meta descriptions, discovers duplicate content, generates XML sitemaps and integrates with Google Analytics. The data generated by this tool can also be easily imported into excel.

  • Seobility:

Seobility crawls your website and finds pages with errors and problems pertaining to on-page optimization. The tool crawls and analyzes your website constantly to track the progress of your optimization. The users can take advantage of this tool for the identification of duplicate content and for the continuous monitoring, reporting, and troubleshooting of the entire website.

  • Yoast SEO:

Yoast SEO is a WordPress SEO plugin that includes snippet editor and real-time page analysis functionality for optimizing your image titles, page content, XML sitemaps, meta descriptions and much more in compliance with search engine guidelines.

  • Cached pages:

CachedPages gives a snapshot or a version of a webpage that is saved at a particular time as a backup copy by a web-server. It is useful to check the cached version of a page than current live version, especially if the website is down, slow, overloaded, removed or unreachable.

  • Tynt:

This tool prevents your website content from being copied and helps in attributing them in a proper manner. Tynt inserts a code on every webpage and automatically adds the link back to your website whenever your image or text is copied. With this tool, you can get an insight into how people consume and share your contents on diverse devices.

  • Website Penalty Indicator:

Google changes its algorithm around 600 times every year which lead to changes in organic traffic and ranking of a website. Website Penalty Indicator can be used to pre-qualify websites, and compare fluctuations in search visibility along with the dates of Google Penalties.

  • BlogUpp:

This is one of the most crucial SEO tools for content marketers who want to promote their blogs effectively. With BlogUpp, you can distribute snapshots and create awareness about your blog on related blog pages. Your blog can also be promoted through community blog directory and content discovery toolbar as well.

  • Browseo:

Browseo is a reliable SEO tool that helps to display a website in the perspective of a search engine. This tool gives you a chance to look at how search engines see your website and help you recognize any potential issues that might affect your website’s ranking or performance.

  • Content Experiments:

With Content Experiments, you can determine the version of a landing page that leads to improved conversions or metric value. You will be able to test around ten variations of a landing page using this tool.

  • SEO tools for excel:

SEO Tools for Excel is certainly an excellent SEO tool which comes with a bunch of useful functions to work with SEO and other web metrics directly on Excel. This tool provides you with an access to more than 100 functions that let you optimize your website with ease.

  • Yext:

Yext is one of the amazing SEO tools available that help you build local brand awareness, drive more online traffic and convert mobile searchers into buyers. With this tool, you can make sure that the listings are unique, updated and monitored properly.

  • KW finder:

This tool is a keyword research and analysis tool that can be used to generate hundreds of long tail keywords related to your niche with low SEO competition and high search volumes. With this KW Finder tool, you can narrow down your research by a selection of 40+ languages.

The above-listed SEO tools let you tackle all the possible optimization challenges with ease. As these tools come along with advanced features, you can successfully run an SEO campaign with minimum efforts and cost. We conclude saying that there are still lots of SEO tools that help you optimize your website and gain a cutting edge over your competitors.

If you don’t have time to do-it-yourself or need experts to manage your business’s SEO needs, feel free talk to our SEO professionals today!