SEO techniques are continuously evolving as search engine algorithms continue to get smarter. That has led many businesses to take shortcuts in the hope of staying at the top of search engine results much longer. In most cases, the outcome is never what such business expected to see. Instead of ranking, most of them end up losing most of their organic traffic. In that regard, we are going to discuss the common mistakes you should avoid.

Not Optimising the Page Speed:

Search engines are in the business of delivering the best content to users, in the fastest and most efficient manner possible. That means that a slow page or site will get in the way of those goals. Most users will not hesitate to hit the “back button” if they feel that a page is loading much slower than an average page does. Search engines will see that as a “vote of no confidence” and penalise your site.

Selection of Wrong Keywords:

Most users use keywords to search for content that can solve their problems or give them the right answers. If you are not using the right keywords when presenting your content, you can easily end up receiving the wrong visitors. When that happens, your bounce rate increases as more user hit the “back button,” or you simply get low conversion rates.

Low Quality Links:

Low quality links tell search engine that your site is associated with spammy sites that offer users content of little or no value. Because search engine such as Google are committed to getting rid of spammy sites, your site will easily get penalised for having spammy links.

Not Creating a Responsive Website:

More users are increasingly using both mobile devices and PCs to search for information and consume it. If your site doesn’t support both small and big screens, it is not responsive. Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other top search engine can see that, and they will rank other similar but responsive sites above yours. They do that to give users the best experience.

Use of Duplicate Contents:

Google will penalise the site with duplicate content. No benefit could be passed to your page if it’s copied from somewhere else in the web. As duplicate content appear lower on the search results or may not be indexed at all. It is therefore important to make sure your content is unique and report sites that may have copied yours.

We hope that you found this guide to be informative, and you will avoid the above mistakes.

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