Email marketing has become one of the strongest channels to gain more customers and increase the ROI. Brands are getting more sophisticated in using email marketing techniques to reach out their target audience. If you are able to invest more on email marketing campaigns, you can reap more returns out of it. To help businesses, we have compiled the best email marketing tips and tricks that can help businesses generate more leads.

Build Your List:

Email has become a critical aspect of marketing strategy, but building your own email list can be overwhelming too. Whether you are just starting out or have been operating the business for a while, you can easily market your product or services by building your subscriber lists the right way.

Create Interactive Emails:

Most people expect visually interesting, engaging elements in their emails. So, it’s crucial for any business to create interactive emails containing all the elements that subscribers can interact and engage with. When used well, the interactive emails can increase click-through rates and email engagement.

Make Your Emails Readable:

The simplest way to make your emails more readable is to use interesting headlines that can help catching your subscriber’s attention. To further increase the readability, you can use the images and whitespace appropriately to reduce the chunks of text.

Personalise Your Emails:

In order to make your email more appealing, it is important to use dynamic content to the subscribers. In fact, targeted personalised email contents help driving more clicks, conversions and more revenue for business.

Proper Placing Of Call to Action:

One of the best email marketing practices is to place the call to action at the top of your email. Most of the users do not scroll down to read the email below the preview pane. So, it can be worth placing the CTA in the viewable portable of the email. You can also go through an insightful guide on where to place the CTA in an email.

Automate Welcome Emails:

Automated welcome emails are often overlooked as people are too busy with focusing on driving more ROI. However, welcome series can boost the engagement of your new subscribers, which in turn helps to accomplish your business goal.

At Verve Innovation, we will simplify the way of driving customer engagement and achieving your business goals with email marketing campaigns. We deploy powerful, versatile, user-friendly interface to build a successful marketing campaign for your business.

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