Guide to SEO:

Search Engine Optimization or SEO entails constructing websites and implementing ethical techniques to improve ranking on search engine result pages (SERP). High search visibility on major search engines like Google, Bing and yahoo will results in driving more traffic to your website.

Basically, SEO is broadly divided into two categories namely On-page SEO and Off-Page SEO.

On-Page – This technique include search engine friendly website layout and optimizing your site based on search engine guidelines. It includes various elements such as domain selection and hosting, keyword research, content optimization, keyword optimization, implementing keyword significance, image optimizations, etc.

Off –Page: This technique include acquiring quality backlinks to our website from reputed domain. During this link building process, quality matters more than the quantity.

In this post we like to share some of the most popular and effective off page SEO techniques that help you in increasing your website’s ranking on search engines.

Off Page SEO techniques:

Social networking sites:

Social networking facilitates you to advertise, promote and build your online reputation plausibly. For this, you need to sign up and create the profile on the most popular social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Twitter and so forth. This technique lets you to extend your network of contacts and establish seamless interaction with your friends as well. More importantly, you can share your blogs to the network of contacts, which help you in building the reputation of your website.


This is another way of promoting your business website online. Posting blogs inspires visitors to keep returning to your website. Moreover, frequent updating helps search engine bots to crawl your site often. All these aspects help you to rank higher in SERP. Submitting infographics (combination of image and text) also helps you to get good results.

Forum and Question / Answer posting:

There are numerous forum posting and question/answer websites available online. These websites are often shown up in the Search result pages when the users search for queries. You can use this platform by posting relevant blogs as well as question and answers to generate referral traffic.

Link Baiting:

This is one of the most popular methods of promoting your website and increasing your reputation online. If you have published the content of another website on your site, you should place the link for reference. If you refer someone’s link, others will promote your link on your behalf.

Video marketing:

If you have any unique videos posted on your website, you can even submit them to websites like Vimeo, YouTube, etc. Of course, you should give description and post your links to let people find your business in alternate ways.

Photo sharing:

Similar to video marketing, photo sharing involves sharing images that you have used on your website to other websites. There are many photo sharing websites available where you can share your photos to acquire some benefits. Never forget to add your link to the photos so that people will follow it to reach your site.

Local listing:

If you are running business targeting local people, you can consider listing your business in local directories. Listing websites locally allows search engines to find your website and index it. On the flipside, your business can also reach the targeted audience easily.

Article Submission:

This conventional method is one of the easiest ways to get backlinks, which in turn boost your ranking on search engines. Submitting high quality, unique articles in popular article submission sites brings you favorable results.

Directory submission:

You should be very cautious while implementing this off page SEO technique to enjoy maximum benefits. The results depend greatly on the directories and the categories you are choosing for submission. Though you can submit your websites on any typical directories, you can maximize the effect by submitting links to niche directories.

If you are a budding web master, these off page SEO techniques will be of great useful to you. For any queries, feel free to contact our dedicated SEO team at Verve Innovation!