Google has made a drastic change to its algorithm and all eyes are prying on the newly emerging trends. We have covered all the hottest SEO trends that would help webmasters to optimize their website and prepare for the forthcoming opportunities that Google would offer in 2017.

Top SEO trends 2017 for you…

Google Accelerated Mobile Pages:

Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages evolve around mobile user experience. AMP is a framework designed to facilitate web pages load much faster on mobile devices. Google’s AMP is a ranking factor and will have a great impact on the organic visibility of any website. Accelerated Mobile Pages rely on HTML files that load four times faster than typical web pages. Studies have revealed that mobile users leave the web pages that take more than 3 seconds to load. Conversely, faster loading pages are ensuring customer retention and are gaining significant boost in traffic. Consequently, more and more businesses are adopting AMP for their mobile websites to escalate their customers’ retention rates.

Google’s Mobile First Index:

Mobile First Index has already been rolled out by Google that divides mobile and desktop results. According to this update, Google primarily uses the mobile version of a website to rank it.  While Google adds that the changes will not have any impact on the search engine ranking, it is extremely important for business owners to create mobile friendly content. Once the mobile-first index comes into full effect, the desktop websites without mobile versions may run into trouble.

Google’s 4.0 Penguin Update:

With Penguin 4.0 update, Penguin has become the part of Google’s core algorithm and runs in real time. This update was introduced to deal with websites that obtained unnatural links to boost their search engine ranking. As Penguin becomes real-time, both the negative and positive impacts of your action will be noticeable much faster. This means that if your site is penalized and you work on removing harmful links and improving it, you could see positive results once Google re-crawls and re-index your website. So, you need to monitor your website’s backlink profile continuously to stay away from penalty.

Google’s Quick Answers:

With ‘Quick Answers’ feature, Google displays a bit of content from a specific web page above the first organic result in SERP with a link to the source. If you create a compelling content to show up as a Quick Answer, you will be visible at the top of organic search result even if your site ranks in position 2 or 3. As the snippet of content is displayed with a source link, you can enjoy more traffic to your website.

Engagement Metrics:

Keeping your website visitors engaged and bringing them back to your website again and again will become a ranking factor. You can use Google Analytics that provides a variety of metrics to measure user engagement. By tracking engagement metrics, you can improve the user experience on your website, which in turn increases your search engine ranking.

Of course, no one can predict what Google has planned for 2017, but these SEO trends will definitely bring you success. If you are not sure about implementing these practices, you can hire SEO experts Verve Innovation to optimize your website. We evaluate your website and deploy effective strategies in compliance with Google’s guidelines and the most recent industry trends.