Did you hear that!. The head of Google’s social networking( Google+) efforts Vic Gundotra has announced that he will be leaving the company, prompting speculation that the internet giant is finally backing out of the social game. Serving Google for nearly 8 years and heading Google+ for 3 years Gundotra announced in his social blog that he is resigning.

Despite its troubles Google+ can still claim more than 540 million monthly active users( No Joke!) (making it the second most active social network) but most of this is down to the popularity of Google’s other products – rather than the attractions of Plus itself.

Google has responded to the claims, denying that there will be any changes to the service (“Today’s news has no impact on our Google+ strategy,” said a spokesperson) but it’s still uncertain what the strategy for the social network ever was.

Even if Google+ is ‘downgraded’ in some way and it’s team split up to focus on mobile apps (as TechCrunch claims), then the social network will still be around, collecting data. Google+ may be a zombie but the walking dead are still powerful – even if they’re brainless.