So, you have launched a new website. Congratulations! But, do you think that just having a great website is enough to run a business successfully? Definitely not!

Creating and launching a brand new website for your business is certainly a big accomplishment. You might have spent countless hours in designing, coding, testing and launching a website. However, it does not mean that customers will come in and do business with you. There are plenty of other things that you should perform to drive traffic and make conversions.

Here are some actionable tips that you can implement to maximize your website’s impact.

Create Content (Content marketing):

Just because you have launched your website and all contents are fresh, it does not mean that you can stop with that. Start writing more contents and push your new contents through social media channels. Remember that content is the biggest marketing trend and nothing could drive user engagements than fresh and quality contents.

Optimize Your Website (SEO):

Optimizing your website is extremely crucial to get found in search engines. SEO is a monster that can hold your hand and help with improving your website ranking in search engines. Once you have determined your search goals, start building strategies to accomplish them. A great tool like SEO MOZ lets you check the effectiveness of your SEO and presages you about any potential SEO issue.

Start Link Building:

Building quality links helps you driving voluminous traffic and boosting your rank with Google. You can list your website in local business directories, guest blog on other relevant websites and get part in forum discussions to get links for your website. With these link building strategies, you can acquire quality visitors and produce sufficient link juice, which in turn increases the credibility of your website in front of search engines.

Prioritize mobile friendliness:

A few months ago, the Mobilegeddon has taken the digital world by storm when Google acknowledged responsive website design as a ranking factor. This big algorithm led multitudes of webmasters to build mobile friendly websites to rank higher in organic search results. So, it is not just enough to have a professional and user friendly website but also the one that functions well and looks good on a wide range of mobile devices.

Social Media Marketing (SMO):

Social media marketing is important to drive traffic to your website and create brand exposure. So, you can link your website to social media platforms such as Facebook, twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google+  and make sure that it goes to your website when literally clicked. Social media is a great platform to spread the word about your business and reach your target audience.

Email Marketing:

This is one of the best ways to promote your website to the consumers. Email marketing allows you to build a list of subscribers who are interested to hear from you. You can send emails regularly to bring their attention to your new products and services. Sending regular emails keeps them updated about your products, which in turn, leads to possible orders.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM):

As a new website owner, you can turn to services like Google Adwords to drive traffic to your website. SEM and other paid marketing services are great to build up organic search traffic. With a targeted SEM campaign, you can begin driving quality traffic straightaway and do not have to wait for Google to index your website.

Remember that launching a website is just a beginning. You need to spend more time to maintain and manage it to ensure the success of your business.

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