Kudos to the evolution of smartphones and thanks to the invention of the internet, today everything is a consumer’s fingertip. Having wrapped technology into a small device that does many other things apart from just being a phone is mind-blowing. This has not only made life easy but lazy for people to go in-store to purchase a product. According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau, more than fifty percent of customers has actually started purchasing online rather than going in-store.

It is high time for retailers to pull up their socks and shift online before they go completely offline. Shops should shape up, embrace the fact that the internet is wired into customers psyche and start emulating the big end of the town.

Many retailers approach this as a threat to their community; little do they know that we are in an era of mobile technology where the online transaction, product review and online conversation are increasingly prevalent. It is time for them to eliminate the fear of threat and consider this as a thread to a promising future.

While it has been a struggle for many small retailers and shops to understand the significance of going online, what exactly are big retailers and supermarkets doing about this situation? Well, they have already started tracking and analysing customer behavior by accessing powerful data-based analytics. They’re driving sales and winning customer loyalty through targeted promotions and deals.

Big retailers have adopted doing this in-store and continuing the conversation outside the store. These days customer is well aware of everything about brands and stuff, it is the retailers who need to know more about them.

Now having understood about online, how do retailers who cannot afford huge budgets can deal with moving online?

As stated earlier retailers have got nothing to worry about. There are many website developers around, who can come to their fore when needed and help retailers maintain their online presence at an affordable price. Availability of shopping cart and safe online transaction into a bank account will reduce the burden of retailers with respect to cash management. These are investments that are worth a risk and can propel retailers to the next orbit.

It may sound big from outside, but once stepped in, it is just a matter of codes that will decode virtual existence.

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