Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is an essence that all businesses recognise, but not all businesses understand. For instance, the SEO techniques you’re using now may not be as effective a year from now. As search optimisation is inherently fluid, the only way to be an expert is to keep learning. For SEO success, you’ve got to be adaptable.

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When looking at predicted trends for 2019, the influence of mobile technology is clear. Search engines are moving away from compact, super-efficient queries and towards a place of more naturalised speech. The popularity of voice-activated search tools means the rules are changing – it’s out with punchy keywords, in with long-tailed, conversational phrases.

Let’s take a look at the way SEO will change in 2019 and what it might mean for your business. Here are the 5 important SEO trends you need to know in 2019



As the world’s foremost search engine, Google is the one to watch. And it says to focus on usability and user experience will continue. It’s finding ever sophisticated ways to judge the quality of online content, so don’t forget the value of engaging, relevant copy. Always avoid keyword stuffing. Use technical tricks to your advantage, but they should never affect clarity, applicability, or usability.


Responsive Design & Mobile First Indexing

Around 60% of all internet searches are now completed on mobile devices. For businesses, it means digital content must be mobile friendly. Effective SEO (particularly in 2019 and beyond) should include responsive web design. Google ranks it higher than separate desktop and mobile content because it is efficient, adaptable and built to suit evolving needs.


Content Optimisation (Text & Video Content)

Digital content is becoming hypermobile. Users want internet activities to be fast paced and results to be immediate. SEO experts predict that, by 2021, a staggering 80% of all online traffic will be targeted at video content. So, it’s a good idea to start including some videos within your blogs, articles, and features.


Assistant & Voice Search

voice search 2019


Voice activated search is huge right now. Voice-activated assistants like Google Home, Alexa, Siri are appearing in more homes and, as a result, the way people search is changing (e.g: ‘ok google’ show me the nearest gas station ). To prepare your business, start reviewing SEO keyword strategies now.

Cut back on punchy, one-word search terms and start thinking conversationally. If you need inspiration, listen carefully to customers who make telephone enquiries.



Schema & Featured Snippets

In recent years, featured snippets have grown ubiquitous enough to be barely noticeable, while still being very valuable for SERPs. The ability to link non-organic content to search pages is a chance for businesses to say more. Therefore, it’s a good idea to make use of schema and other snippet management tools. They’ll help you fill search entries with as much marketing information as possible.

If you want to guarantee the success of your SEO in 2019, stay on top of search engine developments. Google changes its ranking algorithm on a regular basis. However, its goal is always to improve the quality of search results. New rules and algorithm updates are publicised so keep your finger on the pulse!