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EXOTIC – a taxi booking app that will take the hassle out of getting to your destination quickly and without having to spend too much. Using highly advanced taxi booking software, it will provide you with a quick quote to help you avoid any surprises when you get to your destination, and assign you to a professional and responsible driver.

RentalPal makes it easy for you to cover yourself when renting a Car or Property. By taking photos of the condition of the rental and being able to make comments on the condition of the rental can save you time and large expense. Once complete you are able to share a PDF documents in a email and messenger apps.

Gasable is the easiest way to get your gas cylinder delivered to your doorstep in few clicks.
Ask for your gas cylinder and distributors will reach you and serve you with pleasure.

Worldwide local delivery service. Have just about anything delivered in your local area. Anything that a normal person can pick up and deliver to your address.
Meetings are at the heart of every business, and have the ability to drive productivity or halt it entirely. MinutesMaker is designed to optimize your meetings for maximum productivity by automating the creation of the meeting agenda and minutes.